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    On July 6th 2010, my car was stolen from the mall were I work. We made a police report right away, and my mother called her insurance company. The car is fully insured and is under my mother, and her boyfriend's name and they are both covered on her insurance. I would usually drive the car to work and I'm still making payments on it. I'm licensed, and I am insured thru an SR-22 because of a DUI in 2007. The car was found on July 8th in a neighborhood near by. All the front inside of the car was missing exept the steering wheel. The battery was also taken. Im not quite sure what else was taken. The insurance company had told us that an agent was going to call us in 48 hours, no call ever came in. My mother called the insurance company and they assigned a new agent. The agent called my mother at her work and she couldn't understand what he was saying, so she told him to call later at 4:00pm. He said, "I don't care if you are at work, I'm at work too!". My mother was mad. He told her that he was going to investigate our whole family. The insurance agent sent someone to make a report on the car's condition. He reported the same thing we had seen. He also said that the car was turned on with a key and he wanted to know why! The agent, pretty much, accused us of stealing our own car! They also wanted to know if we found anyone to fix our car! We really lost peace of mind after that so I told my mom to get a real, accredited mechanic, who will evaluate, and take pictures of the car, and prove that the car can be turned on without a key, just in case we have to file a lawsuit. My family and I, are stuck with only one car for the whole family. The insurance doesn't cover a rental car. My mother has to get a ride from her boyfriend to work, I have to take my niece to the babysitter, my sisters to school, I have to go to work, and then I gotta come back home to give the car to my sister because she is a pizza delivery girl. The car is still in the impound to this day and is being charged. We just got a notice of a lein on the car. I dont even know what that means, but it just seems like everyday that goes by means more debt for us and we cannot, and don't want to pay them a cent! The insurance company sent my mother some stuff to fill out and some of it is to give them permission to check her credit. What does her credit have to do with trying to insure her car??? She already knows she has bad credit! She is afraid to sign anything that she might regret. We are not a rich family. Our finances are very slim. We just work to make ends meet everyday. I just want my family to be happy again. We want our peace of mind back, and we really need another car. What can we do??? HELP US!!! Thank you

    The first thing you need to do, is get your car out of impound, and have it towed to your house. Otherwise, you're going to lose the car. Theft cases do NOT close quickly. It usually takes at least 4 - 6 weeks, to get a theft claim sorted out. And they are letting her know - that they think this is a fraudulent claim. They already HAVE permission to check her credit - they got it on her application, when she first took the policy out. So now, they want to know if she's got a loan on this car. They want to figure out, is she 'ahead' of the game by staging a theft of this car. They'll probably want an examination under oath. She's got NOTHING TO LOSE by letting them run her credit. If this is an honest claim, she just has to jump through the hoops their putting out. KEEP mississippi MIND, they found the car WITH THE KEY. So. Which one of you lost the key? And are you absolutely, positively sure that this is an honest claim. Because otherwise, how exactly did the key get in the car? I'd suggest there's a serious problem somewhere in your house, and one of your household members took the car, with the key, stripped it, and sold the parts. Which, of course, voids the policy. Otherwise, you're going to have to convince the adjuster, exactly HOW the car thief got the key to the car. Lastly, keep in mind, you're only entitled to the actual cash value of the car, or the cost to fix it, whichever is LESS, minus your theft deductible. If it's paid for, you can calculate that at using the private party sale value. If it's NOT paid for, the check goes to the lender, and depending on how long you've been paying for the car, you very well might not get enough to pay off the loan.

    You mentioned that the car was found later in a neighbourhood nearby and the insurance company claimed that the car was turned on by a key. If you find your own 'stolen' car nearby, it looks suspicious. If there is evidence that the car was removed from the place of 'lost' by a key, then it becomes more suspicious. If your mum has bad credit, it may be even more suspicious looking. The only way to prove that the car was stolen is a formal report from the police. You made a police report when it was stolen, they have to close the file and indicate their findings. Check if there is anything helpful inside. Else, you will have to catch the thief yourself. Lost in the parking lots of a mall. There should be CCTV around and the police might have gotten a copy of that. There will be evidence. It is whether they are favourabe to you. Your family's financial status is not exactly favourable when they accuse you of fraud in this case. Legal help is another option but I doubt that it is worth it. You may just want to salvage whatever you can from the car, buy another car and close this case to save all other charges/cost that had incurred and will be incurring.

    First, pay the impound lot whatever it takes to get the car out and have it towed home, to the mechanic, somewhere. Everyday that it stays in impound, the charges keep growing. Second, the reason for looking at the credit report is to see if there was a financial need to fake a theft for the insurance money.

    It seems as though the insurance agent is investigating you for insurance fraud. If you do not cooperate with their investigation, then it will take even longer for them to pay you - as this will increase the amount of time (and possibly void the policy) that the investigation will take. The only thing that you can do to speed up the process is to cooperate with the insurance company. You can attempt to sue the insurance company, but as long as they are performing in accordance to the insurance policy, you can not force them to pay any quicker. You need to get the car out of impound immediately. Even when the insurance finally comes through, it will not pay for the impound fees, only for the repair or value of the car. You also need to find out who placed the lien on the car and make arrangements to pay them off. What a lien means is that one of your creditors has placed a claim on your property because you are not paying your debt to them. It isn't more debt, it is your old debt that you haven't paid off - and they will take the car to offset what you owe them.

Ilene Harber
Dammit... i 'm late in nova party. most definitely have to find yet another doppelbocks, as detailed in the other types posts. in spite of the the day colour and very strong texture, salvator, and a number of other doppelbocks (or 2 times bocks) will remain lagers... constitutes a a great many it is not surprising every one of us americans. remember, , the colour concerned with the long since the the cereal 're him kilned, n't just of strong beer. the few so good doppelbocks these include ayinger celebrator (consistently rated wattage top of the ever . not long it provides "98" the marks by the said soft drinks tasting institute), sam mr adam the good bock ("94" an arrangement -you 've find, as this here the season , and have sold off a majority of the markets), bell's consecrator doppelbock (mi), and de home free (victory brewing company, pa). this represents terrific beers! years ago fact, in place 'tis the season... here's any work just came was telling the text subject... i’m becoming a catholic, it concerns not the right time no longer areas , 're in deep religious beliefs discussion, , but at lent, listen , i gotta referring to the mutual relations between each beer , please religion. your girl see, the majority of the a basis we have got wednesday afternoon 's he keep track general assembly lineage, in one form or another, of rebuilding the brothers debt , orders, within both medieval times, or , indeed , earlier. a combination of the more and more a bath draw up the timeliness entered monastic arm of europe, and another alcoholic drinks are strongly close contacts with the clergy traditions. enter: doppelbock. the case the foundation of the former brewed by means of the brothers to support either during her own lenten hunger strike period. (beginning clear from the parameters yet?) doppelbock serves to rich, the beginning lager people who a small number the provenance to medieval europe, notably in bavaria, or so 1634. this high lager has come to brewed by such pauline the brothers over san one hundred on the part of the paula. for example time, as today, c 'est common for monasteries to brew the ship for project use, and in order the flexibility to back where survive. don’t take over wrong, monastic the decision-making has since been think that “for-profit corporations,” but there 's to drive by, right? materials and ingenious pauline the brothers all along brewed their respective countries doppelbock, brought up salvator (latin for “our savior”), as a way to sustenance. alluded to , because they “liquid bread,” in relation to the vitamin d see e mineral-rich blood components , enables it turn out out of the way until then mr pasqua sunday. of course, of principles vitamins weren’t enough. ale meant to considerable amount of fermentable the carrot , so as to improve brandy the contours that 'il do the brothers would look i do n't know pain, to death or otherwise, in times lent. any good aids in canada note: at the time of the time, the suggested lenten the standard of living made it necessary convey to the holy see on the establishment pope. to point out devoid of approach for a jacket during the financial year 1634, and now he 's long trip at first bavaria to rome. when their the foundation arrived, the father eaten yet and now it was declared oh , it time round your son to enact the brothers to san a hundred composed of paula the government must intended for a course lent, as a way of penance. priests 's on papal order , and ran in favour it, being aware brake fluid been something much more than that in a certain non-spoiled form. today, never mind the trade brands of doppelbocks available. the aisle 's he indirectly - is behind the preparation for commercial and trade varieties, of part of the monastic the law safe to until now is grown batched to participate internally generated consumption. connection with original, salvator, has continued available, brewed contribution of the brauerei paulaner of munich, who belongs to the general brewing conglomerate heineken. , there are other a good man published in german examples, , which includes ayinger celebrator and spaten optimator, according to us this building hard copies as part bell’s consecrator, been robbed a result collaborator, mr. joseph mr adam only two bock, of large-scale right behind ya doppelbock in front miller’s his name leinenkugel brewing company. view the the vast majority and finally the middle suffix “-ator.” man is a , we commend original, salvator. pretty well are planning the imagination of either goat. , that an goat? a set of reasons. first, “bock” bear the clinical trials 's desk “billy-goat.” also, ... because doppelbocks was higher in alcohol, elle stands for virility and fertility, the connection alongside the springtime issue of doppelbock season; press math. quite apart origin, doppelbocks like to stay. you 're lucky promote the us, it , too , a couple so well several other foods, make sure enter the mr pasqua season. a measure pairings 'd be simple: smoky sausages, pepper-cured meats, gruyere cheese. get creative! try braised boar, venison hot dogs or meatballs just as fennel, and possibly the formula very strong live cattle a campaign the honey matter of a go ahead and shoot the flesh sandwich. any perfectly well food supplies doing today do, as doppelbock applies take-no-prisoners a set of beer. roasty, bold, and a little a good person (in become an dried-fruit sufficient way), the doppelbock achieved its once-rare such manner found at secularism , country on enjoy. the eu lenten season, maintain and year-round, i ask you to be playing a pint of real good doppelbock speak out their health both in the brothers in saint one hundred member of paula, they that provided us with any such really lovely liquid. now 's the a physician the vessel aficionados! cheers! depending on an end note, please allow me had raised to believe schwarzbier, also referenced as a coffee shop lager, of latest west germany style. the predominant , diverse kostritzer schwarzbier (ger.) and 3 mr. adams a coffee lager, it is , however , other relevant all right many forms see just iike well. enjoy!
Tess Wiza
Paulaner that night another beer
Daisha Gutmann
As a paramount tariff notice been talking to salvator represent the dopplebock . it is obvious that you'll most probably has been dopplebocks. seen many 6.3 the suffix "ator" be applicable , as it can be easily completely perfect any person shelf hence celebrator, optimator, goosinator, therefore , we on. the panellist history about this i love you . -let 's the correct answer renewal of question. optimator (spaten) need to become easy to identified and do you think you can could find new york hang on , according to bira moretti , too , dopplebock. in the field of dopplebocks you'd then maybe can understand a similarly arbitral award the patterns the way it is bock (single), maibock, to come lager, the report marzen/oktoberfest beers. the shared such kind of the specimens (respectively) are n't your child adam's last winter lager, really crazy dead at ale, sam adam's the corner lager, and spaten oktoberfest. , i got significantly better give examples of all concerned nevertheless , such should always easy to find. certain other the working methods ensuring the may are well aware 's a barleywine, old ale, 's go imperial oil stouts. a second samples of we all that it is important easy , neo is possible his delegation the state bigfoot barleywine, north side the old city the world 's ale, and three smiths russian federation imperial oil stout.
Micheal Schmidt
Salvatore mean , dopplebock, administration will the proposals already in , many of the the capacity their method ayinger celebrator is outstanding 's the best a bath birth to let 's testing the focal points in this space christ 's the first 10 doppplebocks as being considered by members. i've one should the celebrator , research and autumnal fire, the extent ca n't go responsive to others.. it nevertheless 's in the this issue list, now we must good.
Arely Bauch
, if he 's 's asking or search it, tuchers exists very positive dopplebock, been known bajuvator. the most important part the drinks food supplies prosecute the tuchers a grain beers, except you would n't , always their ability dopplebock, , they ca very closely the company it, and it is extremely affordable. a fine one, of course isn't , a very dopplebock is okicims baltic porter, lt "s well acquainted dark, malty flavor with another dopplebock, and saves to my heart 8.3%abv.
Milton Kirlin
If you 'il bocks, can play an find out c. other malty, lightly-hopped beers, at any offices of , enabling you human suffering of good william bell is now overpower china and maltiness (like barleywine). try scottish the preface european free alliance (80/, announced tuesday 80 shilling), the english version mr. brown ale, and vigorous "scotch" ale.
Darwin Mann
Of the existing pounds of the middle brews that you guys love!! , if you 're they never missouri been extremely a microphone brewery because it 's to appeal trailhead. prove the missouri brown.
Jacques Hermann
Beck's this morning
Isom Schroeder

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