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    First off they are 42 - 22 not 44 - 22 .. second im a huge dodgers fan and i dont think they can win the world series.. they need a better rotation and a better pen.. if they can pull in a quality starter and a quality middle releiver they will have a better chance remember last years team had a far better rotation and pen with almost the same lineup.. and the phillies killed them oh and im tired of people saying the only reason the dodgers have a good record is because of the division... the mets play the nationals and the pirates ,the worst teams in the NL .. also the dodgers have taken the series from the rangers, the third best record in the AL, they swept the mets.. they took the series with the phills, and florida stop making excuses and give them credit for being a good ball team

    One reason the Dodgers have such a good record is because they play in the NL West, and the Padres, Rockies, and D-Backs pretty much all suck. Only the Giants are giving them any kind of run for their money. Also, the Dodgers tend to choke at the end of the season. Not exactly minnesota Mets style. But, you can almost count on them stumbling into the play-offs or missing them entirely. Especially if they start to falter when Manny comes back. His return and the scrutiny he'll get for his post-roid performance could be a distraction that would seriously hurt the Dodgers in the second half of the season.

    They CAN be, but there is a lot of time still left. And even if they end with the best record in the majors there is no way you can say they will win the WS. Remember last year the Angels had the best record and everyone was asking if them and the Cubs would be heading to the WS well neither team even got that far. The Dodgers are playing well, but it really is too soon to be saying they will win the WS. The could though =]

    They have a shot. But, look who else does. The Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers and Texas have good shots in the minnesota of making. In the NL, we have.. well.. the only competition you'll have in the playoffs is probably Philly, no one else really looks like they pose a threat. SO, you guys have a great shot at making the World Series, but if you get there, you have some pretty good competition you'd have to beat. Actually, the only team out of those four you could beat is Texas.

    Yep. They are the best team in the league this year, especially with Manny back in the lineup. I'd rather see St. Louis win (that's where I live) but I think it's LA's year. As long as they beat the Cubs, I'll be happy. The Dodgers will definitely win their division, even though "experts" acted like it would be a tight race.

    I think they can mannys coming back in july and they play pretty good baseball without manny.and also they made it to the nlcs last year so they have a very good chance. but i sure hope they dont im a dback fan

    No they are going to choke and the D backs will win the NL West and win the world series.

    They could but I really hope not. The Dodgers are my least favorite team.

    Sure, why not. It's possible. With Joe Torre leading the way it's very possible.

    I think the red sox will beat them out

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