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    I understand SEC is tough. Very tough. Teams like LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Florida... And that's not including the Crimson Tide. However, they play almost all of their games against others in their conference, or crap teams from other conferences. And the teams who aren't elite in the SEC, are pretty bad. I'm a University of Texas fan, and the Big 12 had 9/10 teams get 6 wins or more, and when they play bad teams, the score gets out of hand fast. Just curious as to why the SEC gets all the credit, when they almost exclusively play themselves or crap teams.

    Myth. It's a conference where it's bottom is given credit for what the top of the conference does. Arkansas, Auburn, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Miss. St., and Kentucky are terrible. The scores for them do get out of hand like it does in every other conference. Difference is is that the SEC talks defense, so the offenses usually lack firepower and thus can't win games 70-0, more like 27-0. But still, blow outs happen in that conference. Look at what happened to Tennessee just a couple of weeks ago to Oregon.

    Well, I'm still waiting for this "humilates other teams outside the conference" behavior to stop, because it's not like other teams from other conferences don't humiliate SEC schools. While the SEC does have some big wins by wide margins, they also have some huge losses by wide margins like Louisville destroying Florida last year, Oregon the same to Tennessee this year, USC outscored Arkansas in 2 games 120-28 and 1 of those years Arkansas was the SEC West Champ, Tennessee was also blown out by Cal the last year they were SEC East Champs, Iowa thumped South Carolina in a bowl game just a few years ago, Northwestern did as well to Miss. State just last year, Texas putting 66 on Ole Miss last year, or who can forget what Utah did to Alabama in the Sugar Bowl just a few years ago. Every conference has that story where they either got blown out in a number of games, or destroyed opponents in a number of games. SEC fans just have selective memory and think they are the only ones winning games over other conferences by a wide margin. Whatever moron. Utah's win in the Sugar Bowl over Alabama wasn't impressive? Iowa's blowout of South Carolina in the Outback bowl wasn't impressive? Northwestern beating up Miss. State in the Gator Bowl last year wasn't impressive? Whatever, it's your lie, tell it however you want. Your story literally changed from "SEC humiliates everyone" to "SEC humiliates everyone in BCS championship games". Nice spin. No, there's not, since you can't get your facts straight. The SEC had the most offensive lineman taken in last year's draft by 1. In the 2012 draft, there were more than double the offensive lineman taken from the Big 10 than the SEC and more by the Big 10 that year than even the SEC this year. Also, the first RB taken in this year's draft came from North Carolina which is not an SEC school. The 4th RB taken was. Richardson was the first RB taken in 2012, but the next SEC RB taken wasn't until late. And I do think Alabama would destroy Ohio State if they played, but not Oregon unless Alabama's defense improves significantly. And if the BCS title game is all that matters, why even bother bringing anything else up. Don't talk about the conference, talk about the school. The SEC has 14 schools within it. Alabama won 3 of the last 4 titles, not the SEC. Only talking about that 1 game, means that you can only talk about that 1 school, something SEC fans get stuck realizing. Being a fan of a conference is the cowards way. In no other sport are there fans of a conference/division. Only in college football, and that is completely pathetic.

    Why do people keep asking this silly unneeded question? Texas as well as other teams in their conference play so called crappy teams just like every other conference in the nation so it's really not a valid question. Pay attention : Most people who root for a team in the Southeastern Conference like me don't give a DDAAAMMMMNNNN about the other teams in the conference! Alabama has 3 of the last 4 titles and the other teams in the SEC are getting piggyback credit because the money Alabama gets for high profile bowl games is split towards the other conference members. The title isn't ours ... it's Alabama's so ANYONE saying we are better because they win is just stupid and a big fat ssa waste of time! L E T THAT TIHS GGGOOO!!!

    Haha, is that why the SEC completely humilates other teams outside the conference? Maybe because the SEC year in and year out gets the best recruits. Alabama vs Notre Dame, BLOWOUT. LSU vs Ohio State, BLOWOUT. Gimmicky Oregon offense that got shut down vs a great SEC team, AUBURN wins. Flordia vs Ohio State, BLOWOUT. Florida vs Oklahoma State, Florida wins.These are all Championship games and the SEC still won, coincedcence? I love how people deny how good the SEC really is. The last non-SEC was Texas and that was a while ago. You also forgot Texas A&M and the minnesota Gamecocks, who would wipe the floor with almost any team outside their conference too. minnesota gamecocks, Alabama, Florida, LSU, Auburn, Florida, Texas A&M, and Georgia. This conference is stacked and it is the best football conference hands down. Sorry, but there isn't any other conference that is as stacked as the SEC. Those big 12 teams get their 6+ wins from playing crappy teams aswelll, not impressive at all. LOL @Bob and the people who thumbs me down. Your naming a bunch of crap teams from the SEC vs the other best non-SEC schools. OBVIOUSLY they are going to lose idiot. The only one that was impressive was Louisville beating Florida but WHO cares? Did they beat ANY SEC team in a Championship game? NOPE! LMAO SEC haters are the most hilarious sports fans out there. It isn't a coincidence that since 1998, 9 out of the 15 teams have won from the SEC. @Bob maybe you shouldn't have taken me literally word for word. What I obviously meant was that teams outside the SEC have a tough time or rarely beat the SEC in the most important game. I don't care about the sugar bowl or any other bowl. BCS just has a bunch of these pointless bowls because they want money. You keep on believing your lies. It is not a coincedence that the SEC gets the majority of 5 star prospects to committ to their conference. It is not a coincedence that there are more offensive lineman drafted to the NFL last year or in the history of the draft that came from the SEC by far. It is not a coincedence that the last two years, the first picked RBs gave came from the SEC. Keep on believing the SEC is not the best football conference. See you when Alabama humilates Ohio State or Oregon in the championship game. No need to keep on arguing with you. If the SEC won 30 in a row, you would probably still think the Big Ten or ACC is better than the SEC lol.

    The "pretty bad" SEC teams play the others a tough game. You don't often see the blowouts common in the Big 12. That means something.

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