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    I am going to be moving from Florida to New york soon. I am a senior in high school and down here the credits needed are 24 and i only need 3.5 more to graduate. how is this going to be different when i get up to the schools up there and will the credits still count towards the credits i may need when i am up there if i will need more? thank you very much/

    You may want to call the school and ask them. They will be able to provide a specific answer on how many credits you need, what classes you need to take to graduate etc. For example I believe Gym is compulsory all four years in minnesota (I'm not sure about Florida), but it is only every other day for the whole year, all four years. Either way, 3.5 credits is really easy to earn senior year. You'll basically only go to school for about half the day if you take the minimum number of classes. Though I recommend you take more because then it looks like your slacking on college applications. I have heard that Florida schools are amongst the worst in the country (due to lack of taxpayers money and support - because of all the old people who move to Florida loll) so your NEW high school may be more rigorous then your last, and may have more difficulty.. (but I don't know where you are going or coming from, so I can't really judge)

    I graduated from a NYS high school...the educational standards, while lacking compared to other countries, are a lot higher than most other states. you will have to pass several regents exams in classes like trig, chem, algebra, us history, global history, govt, economics, geometry, earth science, bio, and English. if you have passed exams for these classes in Florida, you should be all set. Search requirements for a NYS regents diploma. that's the basic diploma needed to graduate in NYS. Good luck on your move!

Geovany Leuschke
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Abe Upton
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Cesar Metz
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Janiya Cormier
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Terence Auer
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