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We can loan up to $500 to Grand Rapids occupants, in view of qualifying elements. On the off chance that endorsed, your credit will be expected on your next payday that falls in the vicinity of 10 and 31 days after you get your advance. Nitty gritty data with respect to expenses and reimbursement is accessible on our Rates and Terms page. As you consider whether an advance is proper for your prompt needs, you ought to likewise investigate other subsidizing alternatives. A payday credit is a genuine budgetary duty, and not an answer for long haul issues. Getting from a companion of relative may be a superior alternative.

    Okay so I worked at a very well known pharmacy (walgreens) & I worked there for almost four years, and not once EVER did anything worth risking losing my job for. It's been almost THREE years since thy fired me and I feel like they've done something anything to my job history credit label thing whatever it is future employers verify as far as employment background. They accused me of stealing $300 damn dollars and placing it on a greendot prepaid master card and i NEVER did that. Yes i had a customer try to do it but they were trying to pay for it with a credit card and greendots don't let you do that you can only pay with CASH and so I totaled it out and called for a posted void trans and TAPED the receipt to the register cause it was already passed my shift and we were getting in trouble for staying even just 5 mins later than we're suppose to. Everything was going great for me! I had an apt I was getting I had just financed a new car, and what does walgreens do? they frickin have the balls to say that I did that! I even had to find the damn receipt to show it was a voided transaction but somehow the actual greendot card was MISSING when I had placed it all together, they claim they have footage of me doing it BUT THEY NEVER SHOWED minnesota IT. I don't know I know they were looking for reasons to fire people but to be accused of stealing and then terminated for it just makes it the UGLIEST reason to lose a job. I have been desperately searching for jobs and NOTHING. I'll get interviews and NOTHING. I try to be honest with my job history cause it's never okay to lie on an application but do future employers still call and verify even if you mark "no" for no contact for past employers? Is there anyway I can see what they are saying to these future employers? I feel like they've given me a bad name and I've never had trouble landing jobs before. Someone please help me :(

    I'm not trying to sound angry about it just frustrated. I hate having to depend on others for my things and just miss being independent. I usually tell interviewers it ended on a bad note which thinking of it now was probably the worse thing i could say. I have an interview on Monday at some fast food joint, Ive reached the point where it doesn't matter to me where I work I just wanna work..any tips or ways to explain the gap between employment and better ways to word the whole thing with walgreens when asked if and why i was discharged?

    Actually, what you did is WRONG. Since gift/phone/prepaid cards cannot be returned nor exchanged you totaling it out for cash & then calling for a post void is WRONG. You should have NOT totaled it out. You then made the register short $300 cash and that's a violation of cash handling policy. What you should have done was told the customer it's a cash only sale and then just voided it off the receipt when they obviously didn't have the cash for it. The card being missing also looks very bad for you.. which is exactly why they fired you for theft. If you were in the manager's shoes you'd understand better why you were fired. Plus, it's been a while.. get over it. It seems like you have hostility about it, and I'm sure when you were interviewed at other places and they asked why you were terminated from Walgreens you might of become upset, mad and maybe talked badly about Wags or your managers - companies don't hire people with uneven tempers and hostility. And yeah saying "it ended on a bad note" sounds really bad but it's not the worse thing but a better thing to say would be "It didn't work out but I'm here hoping to have an opportunity to provide your company with my skills & am ready to be a strong addition to your great team" or some crap like that that just sounds good lol.

    First in the US a former or current employer may release any TRUTHFUL information, they are NOT limited to just dates of employment.... some companies as a matter of POLICY only release limited information..... policy is NOT law. whether or not you are telling the truth the story makes no sense, as an employer i would have to seriously wonder why anyone would ring up a card knowing that cash was required, then void it, then lose the card, and just tape a receipt on the cash register because it was time to clock out... if you are telling the truth you are an IDIOT, in which case i would not hire you.... and i would have serious doubts about your honesty... it is highly unlikely that Walgreen's is releasing anything more than your date of employment and the fact that you are not eligible for rehire, they would never say you were fired for theft... they may say (if it is not against their internal policy) that you were fired for a policy violation, or a failure to protect assets.... YOU must show through words and actions that this job reference is irrelevant and that what ever happened made you a better person and employee.... do NOT make excuses, take ownership of your mistake, and show that you have the skills to be the best applicant that applies for any job..... and to address marking "do not contact" that is a HUGE RED FLAG, it says you have something to hide, and it is irrelevant (albeit some employers do honor such request) because if you list a person or business on an application or resume you have in FACT given your permission for them to be contacted ...

    If you're telling this long story at each interview minnesota responding to questions about your former employment with this level of anger, you'll never get a job. When you're asked about former employment, keep it down your dates of employment and if pushed for a reason you left just tell them there was a difference of opinion regarding policies. When a prospective employer checks your references they're only allowed to ask for (and receive) the dates you were employed. However, if the alleged theft was reported to the police you have a criminal record and it would show up on your background check. I'd advise that you speak to an attorney to see if your criminal background has any reports of theft on it. Actually, you might search the internet for that information and which ever way you decide to pursue it, if there's a record research the means you may employ to contest it.

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