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    Last week I went to the gynecologist for a regular exam and pap smear, bill was $536. This week I had to go for a follow up ultrasound (not pregnant) that took 5 minutes, and cost $330. Also was prescribed birth control, another $45 a month. So I'm in the hole almost $1000 and didn't even do anything! I do have insurance, but I still have to pay the deductible. I feel Iike I just poured my money down the drain. Why the heck is it so expensive?? Sorry if I seem to be overreacting, but I have been trying so hard to pay down credit card debt and build up my savings. And just two little appointments erased that, just for the doctor to tell me my hormones are out of whack and I need to go on bc. OK, but does that have to cost $1000!?! minnesota I'm done. Thanks for listening.

    I could not agree with you more. Now think of the nearly 40 million americans that cannot even afford health insurance....what do you think you would have done without your insurance? The health care industry and the insurance companies are making it impossible for regular working americans to be able to afford any kind of decent health care. It is a major problem in this nation and is only going to get worse unless we make our legislators do something about providing some sort of national healthcare. We can spend money on killing people in wars, but we cannot seem to take care of our own citizens.

    Yes i agree health care in the us is very expensive. i personally cannot afford it for my family... i have 2 kids, myself and my husband and neither of our jobs provide it. I've finally recently gotten it through my state but before that i would only take my children as needed and i would not go. my husband has to go at least once a year b/c he has bad asthma which he is on advair 50/500-- $450/mo and albuteral inhalers--$30/mo, plus now he just got on a depression medicine which i think is @$100/mo so just for him we'd have to pay almost $600/mo for stuff that he really needs. thank god my kids and myself do not get sick often and do not need any constant medication or special treatments. i use to go to the family planning center where a normal visit was only $50 and birth control was $10/mo and i could get as many months as i wanted up to a year. that helped out a lot. family planning centers or clinics are usually very nice and kept well. the one i went to was in a hospital so it made it that much better. i think that would be your best bet and they also work with your income. until the us helps its citizens with health care, its hard for most families although if you come from another country to start out they help you out with everything?? the president and politicians should stop trying to help the world and start helping our own country first. good luck with whatever you decide.

    Unfortunetly it is just a very expensive type of appointment . I have Endometriosis and have to go and see my endo specialist evry month atleast once and my visit is usually at a min. $330. When I have ultrasound and visit it comes to $880 . I have insurance to , but he is out of network and they reimburse 80% of the ucr , but I have to put it out of pocket first . I just had surgery in May and my hosp bill , not even staying overnight was $27,000 and the surgeons charge was $18,000 . The hospital fee all was covered axcept for $2,000 , but my surgeons fees they only want to give me $5,000 I am fighting with them . I currently am in the whole for $20,000 just this year alone since April .

    This is why there are so many people trying to get national healthcare for everybody. The US is the only western country that doesn't have this. Without insurance, you're sc... messed up. And No, you're not over-reacting. That's expensive, but that's what they charge.

    I think its very expensive and also on top of all that you have the sanitary needs ie: pads and things that really we shouldnt have to pay for as its nature we cant stop it. thankfully I'm in the UK and don't have to pay very much for health care let hope the government changes it eventually

    Go to planned parenthood, it is either free or very cheap! mine is free!

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