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    The Patriots LOST yesterday on their HOME TURF in DECEMBER. The only reason why they came back in the 2nd half was because the 49ers played zone coverage instead of the man coverage they were playing in the first half. Also the Texans will have home field advantage, and Peyton Mannings 11-3 Denver Broncos are hot, currently on a 8-game winning streak. Also due to the pats lost, they wont get a bye week, which is a pretty bad deal. The Pats have a huge mountain to climb. And they lost 3 games this season to mediocre teams. Who looses to the Cardinals. . .on your own turf. I personally think their overrated, but lets see what they can do.

    Texans going to the Super Bowl!

    Patriots do not make the Superbowl. There is not enough decent targets for Tom Brady to throw to. Last game Brady only had 93 passing yards... something we haven't seen from him hardly ever since he entered the league. Not to mention there is obvious tension between the organization and Brady. He seems more frustrated this season than ever before. Patriots had a chance to re sign a proven preformer who was his favorite target in Deion Branch and they let him go. Now they have an aging Troy Brown and Reche Caldwell? Not to mention their defense is too beat up.

    I would never count out-Tom Brady, especially when it comes to the playoffs. I am not a Patriot fan, but I've seen enough of Brady to know that when it comes to big games, he is at his best. Remember that minnesota was coming off a Monday night game, and even though they lost, they still had a chance to win at the end.

    You're stupid If you think their overrated. Texans are overrated too? All the teams texans beat are overrated too? All the teams that texans beat beat are overrated too? Dumb as, that's exactly what you are saying. Just bcuz pats lost to niners, their overrated? Shut up idiot..disgrace to people with the name Andrew... So giants blowing out the niners at home. Niners must be overrated. And you're saying since it wasn't home advantage, giants lost yesterday to falcons shouldn't count either? PSSH..shut your silly as up "Bruh"

    So losing one game, week 15, certainly make one team not going to SB? How long have you watched NFL, kid? Ever heard of playoffs? If your knowledge is limit, do some read on wiki about NFL.

    Yes. Because they lost yesterday they are not going to the super bowl. I guess i'll just move on to the next intelligent question.

    Not a Pats fan. But I wouldn't count them out yet!

    I agree they're not going to the Superbowl and even if they do, they won't win, but YOUR reasoning as to why they're not is borderline retarded, and perhaps you are as well. Like they say, even a blind squirrel manages to find a nut every once on a while.

    I cant stand the patriots, but I wouldn't count them out they are still a very good team

    Maybe you are right, they are not going, the afc is due to win a superbowl, and the patriots have won it to many times.

Kennedi Tromp
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Cali Monahan
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Marge Prohaska
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