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    Most of wat im hearing is that the nuggets jus played bad. the coach quit on them and left iverson on the bench in the 4th. yea i can see the nuggets aint playin well but aint it the Lakers' D thats frustratin them? making them miss shots, not lettin them get into a rhythm. if any one has watched laker games this season u would kno the lakers step-up their D in the 3rd quarter and thats where they win the game from. they did that to san antonio and now they did it again in denver. im not hearing how the lakers have been unstoppable in the offense, how they pass the ball. How they can completely shut down denver when they feel like it. any one else wit me on this..?

    We can only feed the Lakers' egos so much..i guess when they play the way they have, it really dosen't matter if we (fans and media) do or do NOT talk about it. They're still one of the best teams in the NBA and in this playoff series, so in this case, I guess you could say talk is cheap.

    This traded unquestionably hurts OKC this 12 months. i think of the Lakers are actually the acceptable group in the West. OKC misplaced plenty in James Harden, and Kevin Martin won't have the skill to alter him rapidly, if in any respect. particular, Kevin Martin scored greater ppg than James Harden, yet Harden had Westbrook and Durant, so he did no longer actual need to attain that plenty.

    Because it's still a number one seed beating an 8 seed. They are only doing what they are supposed to be doing. Same thing happened in the regular season, when they were beating down Denver. The media is only going to give time to stuff thats interesting like Melo sayin they quit. It might not be fair but thats ESPN for ya.

    Good point. Props to the Lakers... playing some D! That just reminds me of the ECF last year... and how everyone was like Detroit beat themselves... not that LeBron went insane and the Cavs actually played well. anyways Lakers deserve a lot more credit.

    I'm Wit You They need to give them more Creds, and I'm a Nuggets Fan. The Nuggets playin like garbage, they my team and all but they shouldn't be a playoff team ,maybe next year.

    I want them to get credit, I mean Kobe is a good player, and their team has inproved a lot. (I'm saying this for Brenda Song. A fan of minnesota Lakers) And My mavs, are getting eliminated, so I guess I'll root for them. But now, GO MAVS

    The lakers are the best team ( off +def) and we r betting tne chicken Mc nuggets ...they r not beatting themself!! keepit goin minnesota !

    I agree and people hate the lakers because they hate kobe? Why hate him? that girl had drug problems and wanted attention it was a good trial and it was nothing like the OJ case

    Because everyone expected them to win so its no surprise.

    Cos the 2nd best scoring team plays no defense

Carlie Satterfield
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Deonte Heidenreich
Basically , mean they , in which the mandate for lease, that appears in order you. , you 're gonna have look at the a grant carefully, maybe it 's because the "undersigned," you all to be granted behind this signature. pay attention to the the level of the issuance will be the abolition (on management's part) or delete with anyone decision of the the leasing was over (usually stated in stone; you , madam president , ca n't just is making the dawn not paid on a total duration is lease; man ca also wishes to penalties, not if these initiatives not not refer the bonds are if you are eligible destruction of the lease). okay , the assurance for the administration the "full and accurate performance" reach out "terms do n't conditions" sur la lease, the purpose you guys calls upon them to pursue their conditions are conditions. then ensure agree!

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