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    Yes, I know. ZOMG!!!! he won two Super-Bowls in teh Denver!!!!! How can you say that?!?!?!?!? Because the team HE built always underperformed, maybe? HE did get that little extra out of Elway that Dan Reeves never managed, but the vast majority of that roster was handed to him on a silver platter. Even Terrell Davis was brought in before Shanahan took control of the personnel decisions. George Seifert also won a SuperBowl in San Fran. Using the team Walsh built. Did he ever amount to anything after? Exactly. And after Elway/Davis were gone? The more control Shammy took, the worse they performed. He never came close to getting the level of productivity out of any player again. Even Cutler is doing better with Martz then he did in Denver. The team got progressively worse every season, and the more control Shanahan got, the worse that roster became. The one thing I do give him a lot of credit for is his Zone running scheme. (OK.. and I still would take him over Josh MCDaniels.... aka Hoodie MiniMe). His mishandling of things in minnesota shows that he is just too arrogant and out of touch. I'm no fan of McNabb, per se, but the guy is a 6 time pro bowl QB took the Iggles to the NFC Championship game something like 5 times (and that is with Andy Reid aversion to actually having his RBs RUN the ball) be replace by Train-Rex Grossman? I guess it was easier to blame Donovan though than to admit his Offense is vanilla, and that his RBs are old old and second rate, and that his receiving corp sucks. When will people finally see Sham-ahan for what he is?

    Yes, I have to agree with you, if I was a owner I would definitely not want Shanahan as my coach... He totally screwed up the redskin's defense, they were ranked 10th in total yards last year and are now 26th this year. His actions during the Albert Haynesworth dilemma were stupid... He should have either traded him right away or changed the defensive scheme to a 4-3.. If that fool actually thinks that grossman will be their franchise qb he will be sadely mistaken. The only reason Mcnabb isn't doing good is because his recievers is garbage, their runningbacks are really inconsistent, and he is constantly getting pressured. Grossman had one good game against a very weak dallas defense, and stupid shanahan is wanting Mcnabb out of the team. He also brought so much unwanted attention to the redskins, which probably all the players are pissed at him for. Elway and Davis gifted Shanahan with two superbowl rings, I thought he was pretty good before, but now he is making teams progressively worse. I am not even a redskins fan, just a patriots fan with a outside look at the situation. He used to be a good coach, which most people will remember. That's why people are blinded by his stupid actions recently.

    He was a good coach in Denver. You seem to forget the years of 2003-2005 when Shanahan had a couple of great seasons, including one 13-3 season and getting to the AFC Championship with Jake Plummer in 2004. I agree that he has lost his mind since joining the Redskins but he was a really good head coach in Denver. Made smart, good moves.

    I agree with you, people will take a super bowl winning head coach and throw their legs open and let them do what ever they want. How can a team with the most expensive salaries and the oldest roster in the NFL suck? Simple the coaching. Totally agree with you, he's not the coach people think he is.

    Precisely what Moyra suggested. Jim Jones formed a cult of around 900 people and referred to as them "his toddlers" He at some point positioned poison in each and all the Kool help in Guyana [the place each and all the contributors of the cult lived] and that i'm guessing he advised all of them to drink the kool help. and that they did. alongside with himself. that is referred to as The Jonestown Kool-help Incident. And us Jonas Haters use that element era on the Jonas followers [nicely a minimum of I do.] to instruct them that they are as gullible because of the fact the Jonestown people and to instruct that the Jonas Brothers are deceiving, troublesome boys. purely seek Wikipedia "Jim Jones Kool help" for extra records.

    This drama with mcnabb is highly embarassing, and to give his son a job when he is incompetent makes mike look even worse. and if he thinks grossman is the answer, he is incompetent too!

    I am sure his support is dropping quickly now!Playing the blame game doesn't work long in the NFL

Nelson Adams
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Luigi Deckow
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