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    So, I am recieving an article 15 from my squad leader whom I have worked with and confided in over the past 3 years. This will be my first UCMJ action other then a few negative counseling statements that came from my former boss. My offense is admitted. I am the one to blame. The situation resulted in my lying to one of my senior NCOs. I tried to explain that I knew I lied and was just flustered at the time of the false statement I made. The explanation I gave was it just came out...I was being made to tell my story a million times in a row to a 1SG, 2 E-7s, and 2 E-5s. I didnt actually realized that I lied until it was pointed out to me, after that I admitted to it and my squad leader tried to tell me that I was just covering up for myself. I tried to explain to him that I didn't know what to say and it just came out but he stormed off into the office and started beating up the furniture. The next thing I know I am being pulled into our 1SG's office where I learned I am being reccommended for my first company level article 15. After that I was told "it would behoove me to watch my back because I am being watched." Now I fully admit the mistake I made, but for some reason I feel as though taking my rank and giving me extra duty is not fully warranted. I have never even recieved an initial counseling statement from my squad leader after my former one left. The relationship between me and this guy changed a long time ago. I can remember having parties at his house, and him sleeping on my couch because him and his wife got into a big fight. I remember getting into a physical confrontation with the guy almost 1 1/2 years ago where he punched me in the face and sent me home in the middle of the night with a bloody nose. I never reported it because we both felt like brothers I guess and I didnt want to get the guy in trouble, after all...he was always someone who watched out for me as I did him. I know that might have been a mistake not to report but that is over with now. He has a history of high blood pressure but never takes his medicine, he used to. But everything just feels so personal with this guy now, I feel like he stabbed me in the back. I feel as though everything he does is out of personal feelings. When he is having a good day everything is fine, but when he gets dumped on, he has no problem dumping on everyone else. And to his superiors he seems like a squared away NCO. But he is not, and I know he is not. I have covered for this guy for so long, with his domestic violence, assault against myself, drinking problems, and even loaned him money a few times. I have three months left in the army before I go on transition leave a ETS, and I want to try to fight this article 15 and at least keep my rank. I don't even know if there is a way to do that. I havent been by TDS yet, but if there is anyone out there that can give me a little advice...its greatly appreciated. I just want to know if I should just take this one on the chin or not. And if not, what would you do, I have left out no details.

    Let me be blatant to begin with: your pending article 15 will NOT be affected in anyway by your relationship with your NCO in the past. If you lied to a NCO, knowing or unknowingly, it is an offense which "CAN" warrant an article 15. There is no "set" level of punishment for lying, it is a command interpreted directive. If your command has decided to give you an article 15, you only have two options to posssibly evade the first article. Your first option is to demand court martial, which I do NOT recommend. If you are found guilty during a court martial you will be more severly punished. The other option that I do recommend is to file an IG complaint (make sure that you are using reasons pertaining to the article 15 and not your past relationship with your NCO). If the IG picks up the complaint, an investigation may be launched and the article 15 reverted. With an IG complaint, you do not have to worry about any further punishment, it is illegal. Now that I have answered your question; let me put something out there for everybody. It is important to have comraderie, cooperation, and the ability to confide in your superiors and subordinates. Far too many times (such as the example here) I have seen a soldier and their first line supervisor engage in activities that are not meant to be partaken in by a soldier along with a member of their chain of command. It doesn't matter how good of friends you are; it is wrong. It may seem like harmless fun, but, as seen, it can quickly become a very sticky situation.

    Your story don't add up. I've never in my life time, needed some to point out to me that I had been lying. If you don't know when you are lying or telling the truth, you need an article 15. So much for the military brotherhood. No way should you have talked to 5 superiors. You don't know your own rights under the UCMJ, and know they are gonna stick it in you and break it off. From E-4 to E-1, General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions. That E-1 rank is gonna hurt you, till the day you die. I got caught smoking weed in the AF 30 years ago. You would think I was a Chinese spy, while GW Bush dod cocaine and became President. I wish I would have been born black and smoked crack, I could have been the Mayor or Washington DC. Life sucks, and then you die.... The lesson here is, never, never, never, never, trust anyone, that includes your wife, repeat that includes your wife. Confess your sins to God, and keep your mouth shut when it comes to man.

    There is one line there that makes me believe that you may not be recieving an Article 15. When you were told "it would behoove you to watch your back". Maybe they recommended you for the 15 but the indiana turned it down (and with good reason it sounds like). So maybe you should just sit and wait, and would most certainly mind your P's&Q's. Maybe the whole thing will pass.

    Suck it up learn from your mistake don't trust any one with any thing especially any thing personal remember being in the military is a job not your private life keep the two separate any one who wants rank and wants to command has to step on any poor fool who lets his guard down they will burn you every time if they can **** on you they will watch what you do and say tell them what they want to hear and do what you are suppose to that's how you get by in the armed forces don't make friends its a job not a place to make friends you might have to burn some one your self some day if its your *** or his (what you going to do)

Karlee Schmeler
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