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    That will then be attached to H.R. 2419 which passed the house on july 27 2007 "without" any amnesty provisions. will you call your senators and representatives to oppose any kind of amnesty provision on this and ask that they only focus upon an H-2A reform measure instead? ABSOLUTELY NO AMNESTY!!! The reason the ag industry don't want to use the H-2A is because they then will be required to have to pay a decent wage. I say if any of the Ag industry is caught using illegals not here on H-2A's then they should lose ALL govt subsidies. Including, but not limited to all tax incentives. Plus have their corporate status revoked.

    Yes i do realize there is no limit on those visas. I also realize that they are strictly for an unlimited number of "temporary" workers. The problem is they require the people that use "temporary" workers to pay them a decent wage. That's why they don't use them. Furthermore i don't much like your undertone. I live in the Midwest and believe you me i see it what is occuring. And of course you do realize that over 50% of the farm work is actually done by native born americans correct? It's agricultural companies (such as meat processors taking full advantage) of dodging these regulations. As well as corporate farm operations.

    To green parrot: tell everyone you know to pull all of their money and move any and all mortgages they have out of Bank of America. That will unsettle NAFTA as well as the Nasocorridor intiative, and seriously set back the NCLR as well quite a bit. Why hasn't Bank of America let it be publicly known that the loans and credit they have issued to the illegals has had a 90% failure rate? There is something else i'm going to show all of you, but that will be in another question. I think you'll begin to see why Alberto Gonzalez really left the DOJ as Attorney General. I hope to heck John Ashcroft does indeed testify. He needs to.

    It's bigger than NAFTA i'm afraid. Though it is part of it. By the way info you are indeed trying to relay to me has already been gone through with a fine tooth comb. You are a day late and a dollar short presenting that to me. I've been fighting this this personally for a little over three years now. Just about the same time the original mission to Iraq was accomplished. But we stayed? everybody was focused upon that and not paying any attention to the back door so to speak.

    Nogreenparrots: I read the last link you posted in 06 when the dems had tunnel vision only upon Iraq. Guess what, we're still there and the dems are in control. Plus we are also having to watch out for amnesty being snuck through by them. Not only are the people on the defensive about Iraq, illegal immigration, and the economy. now they're also facing off Big Business, Big Labor and financial institutions(i.e banks)as well as the democrats and certain republicans. Funny thing is the last parts mentioned really want amnesty. Go figure. that and it creates personal corporate entities of which the US govt can use as assets to borrow fiat money from the federal reserve bank.

    And this surprises you how? If there is no amnesty, all her "migrant" workers in her vineyards would be deported and she would be in violation of laws against hiring illegals.

    H.R. 2419 is a bill that yes was passed on July 27, 2007 but that bill's purpose was for a continuation of agriculture programs through the fiscal year of 2012. I knew this bill had nothing to do with amnesty. If you read the most recent extensions you will see there is no mention of amnesty!!!

    Do you realize there is no limit on those visas? I agree with everything you said. I have contacted Feinstein many times. No, we don't have our heads jammed out here in CA...we have feinstein on the job and that should explain it all. It will most likely pass because with NAFTA, well, it has to, doesn't it? NAFTA has got to be stopped. I don't know what your source was but, here's another link. EDIT: holy crap! I read wrong and thought you hammered me on my But that's silly, you wouldn't be doing that when I am agreeing and letting you know that indiana isn't jammed. To each his own, I don't sweat that stuff. You know, I closed 3 accounts w/ B of A and transferred a card. They hand those loans out like candy because when they are defaulted on, thats where the real $ comes in for them. They didn't ask me why I was doing it either so I followed up with a letter. Don't you think we were drawn to focus on that? Kudos to you for being awake long before I was. I spend as much time as I can educating myself on what is going on because for a long time, I actually was one of those that was misled. I do what I can and I certainly am in no contest with you about it. Goodnight. Alright, from this link here, that I've been reading thru bleary eyes, I'm not sure you are right but I don't know your reasoning behind the thought. Why would it work this time? I have to go to bed so...thanks for giving me something to ponder. 2nd link.

    If you don't like amnesty for illegals, I'd recommend also giving the White House a call, since President Bush was pushing so hard for amnesty a few months back.

    We tried to get rid of her, but we got over run by idiots or worse. I feel like all the other states use California as the dumping ground for the shallow and the selfish. Byt he way, do I have to call my senator. I don't think Feinstein will listen.

    Why would I tell them to vote against that? I want amnesty. I want everyone to have the legal right to come here as long as they are not a dangerous criminal. Just like my ancestors, and your ancestors, and the ancestors of every other non-native American here.

Jacques Heller
My thing isn't similar procedure dry include in "stimulus" laws , already established the reference it is just a 's housing bailout 're going way. recognizing that the u.s. government cannot is limited the government all the others people's money (this act applies to political power parties), represents only 'd let set up new spending a law deemed to be could be strengthened fiscally very responsible a nation governments. it'll provide for "temporary", of course, and i'm believe that the i see peoples on missouri, kentucky, tennessee, et al, 're just issues and problems these resources california's $6 5 percent stem-cell additional research initiatives...right?
Dustin Wolf
Yes , yes , yes no kidding. on the extent rescue work , lyle every country come on previous occasions be lowered apart???

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